Tuesday, November 27, 2012

11/17/2012 - Riding out the Nor'easter in JFK

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller

For some time now, I've been thinking about starting a blog. I've always admired a blogger's ability to utilize social media by sharing in their creative voice ... no matter how profound or rudimentary. They have a topic, learn something in the process and somehow find the time and words to document it all. Some write with pure purpose to find a deeper meaning and other's just write to share in their self expression. Or, neither or both.

Additionally, I admire the seemingly fearless attitude about putting oneself out there to share with all of cyber space. It takes a strength in one's own vulnerability to publicly express the authentic self. Regardless of who it will appeal to ... regardless of what other's may think ... regardless of who will follow ... or so it all seems as if. Writing in the hopes of reaching that one curious 'Google junkie' who just might stumble upon their blog.

For me, what to write about that would be worthwhile sharing was always the big question. What big life event would I need to experience in order to inspire my creative voice that so desperately wants to be heard? Or, am I just free to write? It seems really obvious though, at this point, that my long anticipated trip to Bali, Indonesia would be just the source of inspiration that I needed to get started.

I chose to head to Bali on a month long excursion to volunteer at an orphanage (through Volunteering Solutions - www.volunteeringsolutions.com) and to practice yoga. A friend told me about a yoga retreat, located at Soulshine Bali - a villa in Ubud built by Michael Franti. The yoga retreat was being led by Jennifer Pastiloff - the manifestin', karaoke singin', travelin' yogi extraordinaire. Despite my initial ignorance, my friend, (who I trust deeply) raved about her Manifestation workshops, so I signed on without hesitation. In essence, this was going to be a time for giving back, total immersion, meeting new people and focusing on restoring my aging muscles.

An experience of a lifetime, right?!? Well, one thing that became a reality prior to my departure, was that Mother Nature was not quite on my side and delayed my trip. Despite the tragic event that occurred, some positive did result from the delay, and on some level, I feel as if I was meant to be delayed. So maybe she was on my side after all, however, her winds blew me in a slightly different direction than I originally intended. That direction just happens to be towards Philly, but more on that another day.

Additionally, compared to the damage Hurricane Sandy caused us here on the east coast this past week, my delayed trip to Bali was a minor blip. But nevertheless, it's my experience and being in limbo is never really comfortable. As a result, I just sat back and also delayed writing, despite my verbal commitment to start. I was doing a whole lot of talking and not much doing. I found myself making the excuse that I needed to wait for my trip to begin in order for my story to begin. Something needed to happen in order for my creativity to happen.

So here I am, one week later, still delayed and now stranded in JFK, with nothing but time. My flight has been delayed until morning and I am honestly beginning to wonder if I will ever make it. However, what became very clear to me during this fortuitous all-night'er (ok, so I'm trying to see the silver lining in this cloudy sky), is that my adventure can start no matter where I am. In fact, each moment starting right now, my life begins, even if it's not exactly how I intended it to be. Believe me, spending a night in JFK was not part of my master plan. So, whatever it was that I was waiting for to happen ... to be in that quintessential right place at just the right time ... might not ever happen at all. A little doom and gloom? Maybe. But there is also a bright side and that is the notion that life is filled with possibility if you remain open to it. Open to being vulnerable. Open to taking risks. Open to challenging yourself. Open to expressing yourself. So, why wait?

With that sentiment, I am stranded in the most uninspiring location, yet somehow found the inspiration to write. And, as I try to keep my eyes open, eagerly awaiting my early am flight, my story begins ...

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